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Asbestos Risk Management

Practical policies and procedures for asbestos risk management will achieve statutory compliance, provide safe working environments and add value to your organisation.

We deliver the following:

Policy and Procedures

When TRAC produce a client specific asbestos risk management policy and procedural documents we start by having a thorough understanding of our client’s operational needs, risk profile and strategic objectives.

This appreciation underpins how we develop workable, functional policy and procedures which help protect our clients from costly exposure to asbestos risk.

Management Plans

To meet the statutory requirement to hold a written plan to manage and control risk from asbestos, TRAC can assist with the preparation and implementation of your Asbestos Management Plan.

Risk Strategies

The risk profile that asbestos can present may be influenced by varied, complex and challenging factors. 

Inter-connected elements such as the accuracy of assessment data, building maintenance requirements, property occupancy, or the scope and extent of the redevelopment works all shape how asbestos risk is managed. We take an impartial risk based approach when we develop robust risk strategies to help our clients manage their asbestos risk.

Our aim is to enable our clients to reduce risk and achieve compliance without incurring overburdening procedures and reduce costs.